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Anonymous said: Was it because of some pictures or something?

That’s what everyone is debating, I just find it very coincidental that the moment that blog started exposing Demi’s pictures (real or not idk) Demi tweets this.

People on twitter were sending Demi those pictures which wasn’t needed… 

Anonymous said: I REALLY like her. Distance has been hard cause we've never met. But we skype almost daily for two months now. We text the whole day every single day. I asked her if there wasn't any distance and I asked you to be my girlfriend what would you say? And she said yes. But now I'm afraid to ask for real cause there's distance for now..

Not knowing is the worse believe me.

Distance is a hard thing, I’ve been in a long distance not so relationship if that makes any sense and it lasted a year and a half. It wasn’t fair to either of us because we lived in two different countries and there was no way that we could ever meet. 

But don’t base your long distant relationship on others, if you both feel that your relationship can go the distance and you feel strong in it then why not? Maybe one day you both can meet.

Like you said there’s distance for now who knows what the future holds, don’t just ask her but talk about it <3 

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Anonymous said: can you please tell me what the deleted tweets said? xx

Demi said

"Completely and utterly disgusted at the absolute lack of any privacy or respect whatsoever in this world today. None. So disappointed. The entitlement that society has today over the lives of artists today is absolutely PATHETIC. Artist don’t owe anyone ANYTHING. We choose to be open and honest in out music with others. Yet this is how we are thanked? I don’t do this for money. In fact, I’d give back all the money in the world I’ve ever made if I could buy my privacy back."  

Anonymous said: Wait I don't have a twitter so I'm not sure what that last ask meant? Why would Demi be mad at us, what happened?

Basically she said that she was disgusted how artists personal business is exposed to the world and the lack of privacy they have. That artists don’t owe anyone anything just because you buy their stuff doesn’t mean you are entitled to them and that she would give back all the money she has to  buy back her privacy.

She deleted the tweets afterwards, but people have them screenshot 

Anonymous said: do you think demi's mad at us?

I seen her deleted tweets, and you can see she is mad. I mean she’s been bottling up these emotions for a while. 

I can sympathize for Demi because imagine having zero privacy and people exposing your personal business. She’s opened up to us a lot and yet we (not all of us but some) expect more from her. It must be hard to deal with it. 

She needed to vent and I’m glad she did. 

Unfortunately that’s how fame is, I’m not saying it’s right but that’s how it is.

The few things Demi wants to keep private she should be able to have that right. 

Now idk who she was addressing those tweets too, it could be just everyone in general I’m not sure.

Anonymous said: Can I have an advice? It's about a girl..

Sure c: I’ll try my best